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YES!!! We've all had voles or know someone who has. Vole King was tired of the old saying “nothing works”. Meaning sure, there are repellents, noise makers, soil amendments, cats, and BULLETS, but what WORKS??!!!!  Vole King tried all of these and was tired of the expensive nature of these “solutions” and the labor intensive repetitiveness of them. Vole King offers your clients peace of mind about Voles, Gophers, and other burrowing rodents. Vole King is not only the best solution, but it gives your customers the reassurance that you are providing a true solution, and not just a temporary fix.

Voles don’t sleep, don’t hibernate, and eat everything!!! Vole King has year round solutions for your clients needs including new landscape/garden container plantings, annual flowers, bulbs, or tree wrap for above ground crown/stem damage during hot or winter snow covers. Vole King is here to provide a new and proven product for your clients to enjoy.

Who is eligible for wholesale:
US and Canada brick and mortar stores