• Burrowing Rodent Protection for Everything You Plant!


Burrowing Rodent Protection for Everything You Plant!

Be prepared before voles and gophers strike!

We understand your frustration over losing expensive plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs to sneaky burrowing rodents. Vole King stainless steel wire mesh baskets and rolls provide a simple, proactive, non-toxic solution to vole and gopher damage. No reapplications necessary, saving you time and money. Plants and animals co-exist in harmony, just as nature intended.

What size do I need?

Plant Protection in 3 Easy Steps

To Use a Vole King Basket:

1. Remove your Vole King basket from the package, and remove your plant from it's container. Chose a basket that's the same size as the pot your plant came in (or slightly bigger if in-between sizes).

2. Set the plant inside the Vole King basket, and roll up the wire mesh around the root ball.

3. Install the plant into the planting hole, and fill in with native soil.  Leave 1-2" of wire mesh exposed at the top, to keep burrowing rodents from approaching above ground.

Finally, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your investment is protected.

Our best seller.


"I am so glad to have found this product. I have spent years attempting to protect my plants from Voles using repellents, granite chips, noise makers, and hardware cloth. I will never plant another bulb, annual, perennial, shrub, or tree without Vole King."

- M. Baker


"Very happy with these baskets. Super easy to work with. You just roll them on. Much easier than the chicken wire baskets I've used in the past. We just planted, so we haven't had a chance to see how they stand up to the Gophers yet, but using them was a breeze. I would definitely buy these again."

- JB.


"This is probably one of the best products I've bought from Amazon; we lose about half of our plants every year to voles, and this product is the best solution to stop them."

- Timothy Matthews