Frequently Asked Questions

What size Vole King basket do I need?

  • Annual flowers: Use the quart size basket for individual annuals, or choose a larger basket (5, 7-10, or 15 gallon, depending on the number of plants) for group plantings in larger beds.  For large group plantings, such as an entire landscape bed, use the 36" bed liner roll.
  • Bulbs: Use the quart size basket for individual bulbs, or the 1 gallon basket for individual large bulbs.  For a group planting, choose a 5, 7-10, or 15 gallon basket.  For example, 10 tulips fit great in a 5 gallon basket, or 20-30 fit a 15 gallon basket.  For an entire bed of bulbs, use our 36" bed liner roll.
  • Perennials: Use a 1 gallon basket if you plan to divide every 3-5 years, as recommended.  If you don't plan to divide your perennials, use a 3 gallon basket.
  • Small Shrubs (mature height 4'x4') and Ornamental Grasses: plant in a 3 gallon basket.
  • Large Shrubs (mature height of 5' or greater): We recommend choosing a 5 gallon, 7-10 gallon, 15 gallon, or jumbo basket, depending on estimated size at maturity, to provide plenty of protection for roots as they grow and mature.
  • Small Trees: Choose a 15 gallon or jumbo basket.
  • Large Balled and Burlap Trees: We recommend using the 36' roll and wrapping the burlap securely before planting.

Please to reach out to us directly if you need more specific help with your plantings.

How do I use the bed liner rolls?

Using our bed liner roll is easy!  For large group plantings, such as an entire landscape bed, use the 36" bed liner roll under the planting area like a bathtub to encompass the entire bed.  Cut the roll to whatever size you need with scissors.  Fill in with your amended soil and flowers or bulbs as you normally would.  Leave 1-2" of wire mesh exposed above ground to prevent burrowing rodents from approaching from above.  Check out the pictures below for a step by step visual.

Is Vole King hard to install?

Vole king was designed to be extremely user friendly and effective. Our product is manufactured from stainless steel wire mesh, which will not rust. The wire mesh bends and molds easily to whatever plant root ball you are installing, and insures a layer of protection against voles and other burrowing rodents. Vole King comes in a variety of sizes, choose a basket that matches the size of the pot your plant came in. The product is already rolled down; you simply take your plant out of the container, roll up the Vole King basket around the root ball, install into the prepared hole, and your plant is protected.  We recommend leaving 1-2" of wire mesh exposed above ground to prevent voles from attacking above ground as well.  We have a variety of videos and blog posts on our website with more detailed instructions!

Why should I use Vole King rather than repellents, soil amendments, or hardware cloth?

Vole King was designed to be an easy, proactive, one time solution.  The stainless steel mesh will allow roots to grow through, but stop voles and other burrowing rodents from accessing the root ball.  Vole King provides year round protection without repeated applications of repellent, saving you precious time and money.  Vole King also eliminates the use of heavy soil amendments that require labor intensive tilling and cultivating into the soil.  Vole King baskets are lightweight and extremely flexible, unlike hardware cloth which can be both time and labor intensive, so anyone can use them.  They easily form to newly purchased container plants or existing transplants.  Vole King allows voles to live in harmony with the landscape, without damaging your plants.

Why is preventing voles in my landscape important?

  • Vole tunnels cause a visually displeasing look to turf and mulch beds. 
  • Vole damage destroys roots of trees, shrubs, flowers, bulbs, and turf. 
  • Voles do not go away unless they run out of food; limiting their access to food will drive them out of your yard.

I have voles in my landscape. What else are they doing that I can not see?

Vole damage starts underground, and you typically will not know they are there until plants begin to die. Healthy plants are slowly eaten from below, and when the crown/root system is destroyed, the plant will fall over and expose the damage. They reproduce quickly, and soon you will have multiple colonies of voles feeding on and damaging your beautiful landscape. If not addressed proactively, all of your plants are at risk of damage and destruction.

Will Vole King baskets protect from winter snow fall stem & trunk damage?

Yes! Vole King is proud to also produce a series of tree wraps. Vole King’s stainless steel tree wraps offer breathable protection from animal damage, and come in a variety of sizes (6" or 12" widths, 100' to 600' in length). The wraps are designed to be cut to size and placed around the base of trees and shrubs you wish to protect from vole and gopher damage during snow fall.  We have a video on our website (and YouTube channel) with a demonstration of how quick and easy it is to use.  These wraps are tough, yet simple to install.

Do Vole King baskets work for Bulbs?

We actually have a few options for bulbs.  Our bed liner roll is a great choice for a large group plantings.  Many landscapers prefer to use the 5, 7-10, or 15 gal baskets as bulb planters.  We recommend placing baskets with soil 8-10" into desired location for bulbs.  Make sure you leave at least 1-2" of the wire mesh exposed above ground to deter voles from climbing over.  Install bulbs in soil inside the basket and cover the top of the basket with small decorative rock to deter above ground digging.  The bulbs will easily push through the small rock when ready.  We have a blog post dedicated to bulb planting on our website, be sure to check it out!