We would like to welcome you to Vole King. Vole King was created from over 7 years of trial and error of many prototypes to stop Voles from attacking plants in field, crop, and home. Scott Patten the owner grew up in Apex, NC and spent all of his time outdoors. Scott Graduated from NC State University with a horticulture degree and agri business degree. He quickly started his own Landscape Company Plantenders. What he found out quickly was that Voles were silently attacking client’s turf and shrub beds. One afternoon while Scott was visiting one of his child hood friends fathers expansive shade garden, little did he know his life would change. Scott was shown a hardware cloth basket his friend Zolt created and was describing the reasoning behind it.

Happy Clients

Zolt held up the basket and said,” if you can ever figure out how to make these easier, your life will change’” That day was the last day Scott ever worked again without thinking about his new friend the Vole! Scott spent years researching numerous materials and products to solve a simple problem. How do you stop this small little “field mouse” from eating all these roots and crowns? What Scott found was that everything available to homeowners was only temporary. Scott wanted something that worked the first time and lasted through out the plants life. The problem with all existing options was unanimous they were all expensive, repetitive, and only effective for a short period of time if any. Scott had found that a metal cage was the only sure fire method to keeping voles out for good, but that was way easier said than done Metal baskets from hardware cloth and other wire are very sharp, require heavy cutting, are difficult to bend, and take a long time to assemble. Years of frustration ended with the final creation of Vole King!!! Vole King is everything it is supposed to be. Vole King is affordable, light weight, single application, protects the entire root ball, and very easy to install. Scott, his family, and friends have now developed numerous sizes of the roll up baskets, developed a lawn mesh for gophers, moles, and voles for under sod installation, trunk protector for above ground rodent control, and a new green series raised pot protector against voles/gophers. Scott is still very active developing new products for Voles and Gophers. Scotts goal is to provide consumers with a final solution to growing beautiful plants environmental sound and reliable. Scott along with his Family and friend are working across the United States and beyond to provide a green answer to our friends the Vole, Gopher, and Mole!!!