How to Get Rid of Moles Before They Wreak Havoc on Your Landscape

These small burrowing mammals are infrequently seen, mainly because they live underground. Moles are small animals that spend their lives digging beneath the surface of the soil. Although they spend most of the time underground, they are not blind. They have several characteristics that aid in their unique subterranean lifestyle. Read on to learn about the mole.

Educate Yourself on Moles Protect Your Root Ball,
Crown, and Trunk with Vole King



  • Size: 4" to 7" long depending on geographic location
  • Shape: Cylindrical bodies with short fur
  • Color: Brown


Moles eat mostly earthworms, insect larva, and grubs. Moles will eat up to their body weight in earthworms a day if available. It is a misconception that moles eat roots. Moles will actually use the Moles tunnels to eat and destroy the roots and crown of plants.


Moles can be found in grasslands, mixed woodland, or any area where they can dig tunnels. Moles can be considered garden pest, because of their vast tunnel systems. Moles live most of their lives alone and finding 5 per acre is considered many.


Moles' burrowing habits can damage grass, flower beds and tear up tree roots, causing extensive cosmetic damage to lawns and gardens. Mole tunnels can be classified into two basic types, shallow and deep. Shallow tunnels create surface runways whereas deep tunnels create surface mounds. Both cause unsightly damage that is hard to miss and has been known to drive otherwise sane people to extreme behavior in their quest to rid their yards of moles.

Prevention: Vole King


Install an underground barrier to exclude moles from your yard or garden.

  • Vole King provides the customers with a solution that WORKS every time. After using Vole King one time you will never have to ask, "what do you have that WORKS"?
  • Vole King works the first time and last the life of the plant. It’s unique stainless-steel design allows the roots to grow out, while protecting the crown, stem, and main root source. This design allows the moles and the plant to live in harmony.
  • Vole King protects new or transplanted trees, shrubs, bulbs, annual flowers, perennials, gardens, and turf.

Protect Your Plants with Vole King

Our solution is more efficient than repellants, soil amendments and hardware cloth:

Vole King was designed to be a one-time solution for Moles. The stainless-steel mesh will allow roots to grow through but stop the moles in their holes. Vole King provides year-round protection without repeated applications of repellent. This not only saves money but eliminates the need for routine applications. Vole King also eliminates the use of heavy soil amendments that requires labor intensive tilling and cultivating into the soil. Vole Kings are feather light and extremely flexible. They easily form to newly purchased container plants or existing transplants. Vole King allows moles to live in harmony with the landscape without damaging your plants

Prevention is important:

Mole tunnels cause a visual displeasing look to turf and mulch beds. Mole damage not only looks bad but will cost you $$$ replacing expensive plants and flowers constantly. Mole damage destroys roots, flowers, bulbs, and turf. Moles do not go away unless they run out of food and limiting their access to food will drive them out.

The bigger picture of damage caused by Moles:

Moles eat meat, so they are constantly looking for earthworms. Moles largest damage comes from their consistent tunneling. The vast tunnel systems not only disrupts your turf, but it allows easy access for moles to reach your landscape. Healthy plants can be uprooted and root systems exposed for moles. This also means that they have reproduced, and now you have multiple colonies of moles feeding and damaging your beautiful landscape 24hrs a day. If the moles are not treated immediately, all your plants are at risk of damage and destruction.