1 Quart Vole Basket (pack of 4 baskets)

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  • Package includes 4 count of 1 quart Baskets
  • Also protects against gophers, moles, and other burrowing animals
  • The first and last product you will ever need for vole and gopher protection!
  • Affordable stainless steel mesh rolls up easily, without gloves, and protects the entire crown and root ball from damage
  • Eliminates the need for repetitive, expensive, timely, and labor intensive repellents

Vole King was designed to be a one time solution for Voles. The stainless steel mesh will allow roots to grow through, but stop the Voles in their holes. Vole King provides year round protection without repeated applications of repellent. This not only saves money, but eliminates the need for routine applications. Vole King also eliminates the use of heavy soil amendments that requires labor intensive tilling and cultivating into the soil. Vole Kings are feather light and extremely flexible. They easily form to newly purchased container plants or existing transplants. Vole King allows Voles to live in harmony with the landscape without damaging your plants.