Vole King solves a constant problem of the home owners response to what do you have that WORKS!!!

Vole King works the first time and last the life of the plant. It unique stainless steel design allows the roots to grow out, while protecting the crown, stem, and main root source. This design allows the Voles and the plant to live in harmony.

Vole King is made from strong but very flexible stainless steel. Unlike other steel baskets you do not need to wear gloves when handling Vole King. It can be rolled up easily with bare hands and installed quickly.

Vole King comes in multiple sizes gallon baskets, wire mesh rolls for trunk protection, and rolls for gardens/turf.

Vole King is what you need for a safe planting every time. Baskets are light weight and easy to transport

Vole King protects new or transplanted trees, shrubs, bulbs, annual flowers, perennials, gardens, and turf.