Vole King Green Series stainless steel basket 45/65/100/200 Gallons and custom sizes available.

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Vole Kings patented new stainless steel organic basket now offers full protection for larger grown above or below ground plants. The 1/2 inch stainless steel basket provides complete coverage to stop burrowing rodents from getting to the roots and crown.  The patented guard around the top of the basket is designed to be 8" above the soil and stop rodents from simply climbing over and gaining access to the stem or root system.  With all baskets providing 22" of depth this allows for plenty of below grade soil interaction when planted in ground. Vole King developed this product specifically for home owners, growers, and farmers who are ready for a one time solution to protect their investment.  Pricing may vary depending on size.  Please contact via email or phone for large bulk orders.



Bulk Order Information

- Green Series start at 7 Gallons up to 200 Gallons.  Prices significantly drop when ordering large quantities. Call for details.

- Please enter the shape you want in your cart notes.


-Wire Mesh baskets Sizes available:

  • Quarts
  • Half Gallon
  • Gallon
  • Two Gallon
  • Five Gallon
  • Fifteen Gallon
  • Jumbo

Bulk case pricing available in 25, 50, or 100

Please contact us for ordering information

Phone: 919-538-6710

Email: sales@voleking.com